5 Reasons to be at our Retro Ruby dance party



Instructor Patience, gettin’ her dance on.

Our Retro Ruby dance party is just around the corner. So, what in the world is it and why should you go? We asked instructor Patience to give us the low-down. 

Ruby. If you’ve never been to a class, the concept might seem hard to grasp. So, let’s break it down: Ruby is a dance class about feeling good in your own skin, having a blast, and sweating out your insecurities. Ruby wants you to look in the mirror and say “Damn, I look good.” When you come to a Ruby class, you’re getting that instructors’ interpretation of those concepts. But it usually involves shaking, shimmying, and droppin’ it like it’s hot.

So, what’s the deal with “Retro” Ruby? We’re throwing a dance party to celebrate the sassy women of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The women who inspired generations with their lyrics, their fashion and their sweet dance moves.

If I haven’t convinced you to go yet, here are 5 reasons this event is not to be missed:

Cool Costumes.

Have you been hoarding some sweet bellbottoms in your closet and just can’t find the right time to rock them? Now’s the time. Come dressed to represent your favorite fashion from any of the four decades.

Four Instructors.

Four fabulous ladies rocking their own styles as they lead you through the decades; Annika, Nathalye, Sara and Patience. There’s a little something for whatever Ruby style you gyrate to.

Booty Shaking.

It’s how we do.

Snacks and Booze.

Did I say booze? Anyway, you should spend your Friday night with us. We know how to party. Get your workout and your party on at the same time. As always, we go all out for you. We’ll probably have champagne … we Ruby instructors really like champagne.

Experience Something New.

If you’ve never been to Ruby, it’s the perfect chance to broaden your horizons and try something different. You might make a new friend. You might find a new favorite instructor (or four). Regardless, you’ll have a great time and walk out the door feeling super sexy and confident in your skin … and it won’t be from the champagne, either). This goes for the boys to. Everyone should feel confident and sexy.

See you Friday March 20th!


Patience, a.k.a. BFierce.

Click here to find out more and register for our Retro Ruby dance party!


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