Above the Barre - the Barre workout without the barre

Above the Barre

The Barre workout without the Barre

Above The Barre fuses the best of ballet, strength, yoga and Pilates. This new barre class will lift your buns and tone your abdominals. Join us for a 60-minute, three-phase workout:

  • Dynamic warm-up—Creates heat throughout the body and prepares you for intense muscular work.
  • Standing strength segment—Tones the major muscle groups of the lower and upper body all while engaging your core.
  • Floor workout—Targets core muscles.

Above The Barre (ATB) challenges and sculpts the body without the risk of overuse injuries by allowing you to work within your own range of motion.This workout is intense, but we encourage you to join us no matter your skill or fitness level. Work barefoot for best results, but socks or shoes will work as well.


  • Develops balance, strength and stability throughout the body.
  • Build lean muscles throughout the core, legs and upper body.
  • Increase muscular endurance.
  • Helps develops better balance.
  • Improves flexibility of the muscles without overuse.
  • Connects you with an incredible community of people with similar goals.
  • Relieves stress.

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