Dance Fitness Challenge: What did you Discover?

unnamedFor our Dance Fitness Challenge, we asked participants to take class from at least six different instructors to explore new dance fitness flavors! Community Fitness member Amy Vithayathil shares what she discovered. 

What were your regular dance fitness classes before the Dance Fitness Challenge? 
Medora’s Dance Club.

What new classes, instructors or formats did you discover? 
Jennifer is my new favorite instructor. I love her music selection, and she gets our bodies moving in ways I never thought possible! Patience’s Super C was also a great balance of dance and core work.

Did you learn anything that surprised you? 
All the instructors are great! As a full-time working mom of a toddler, I now realize I have the flexibility to take a variety of classes when it’s most convenient versus limiting myself to one instructor. I wasn’t expecting that to come out of this challenge.

What flavor are you? 
I’m definitely a Smahin’ It girl.

It’s never too late to explore. What’s next? 
It’s hard to try all the instructors given my schedule, but I’ll continue to try new ones. Ruby is next on my list!

Anything else you want to share? 
A funny thing happened  – I earned my shirt yesterday and am wearing it today.  I went to my local coffee shop this morning and the barista commented on my shirt and told me how she earned Smashin’ It and another one.  We chatted a bit more and learned we’ll likely be taking the same Saturday class.  I made a new buddy because of the shirt!

Thanks Amy! If you did the dance challenge and had a great experience or have a new favorite instructor, format or class, we want to hear about it. Share with us on Facebook or comment below!

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