Daren Wade’s Next Adventure

Best Wishes and Thanks to Daren Wade!

From Zumba Hits to Diva Pop to Zumba Jams and back again, Daren Wade has been energizing Community Fitness since 2014. His classes have been a welcoming mixture of positive vibes and rhythms that everybody can warm up to. Merengue, Reggaeton, Bollywood, Pop, Salsa—that international Zumba spirit with a Daren Wade twist. Snnnnap!

Early in Daren’s Community Fitness teaching path he received advice to be himself. One of the great things about his dance classes is how Daren let his personality shine and encouraged others to do the same.

For the past few years clients of Community Fitness have enjoyed Daren’s attitude and infectious energy to brighten their day. Zumba with Daren Wade means laughing and playing and not taking things so seriously!


Daren is pursuing expanded career opportunities at University of Washington during Monday to Friday. So, unfortunately for us — but great news for Daren — he will no longer be teaching on Monday and Wednesdays at Noon. We wish him well on his next adventure!

Some of the great memories in the photo gallery below.

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