DARSENIO_LULULEMON_0028Darsenio Hunter

Darsenio has been an athlete his whole life and still considers himself one today. He grew up in the Tri Cities playing most sports, from football to track and was even the first male on his high school’s co-ed hip hop dance team. Darsenio then went on to college, where he walked on the football team at the University of Idaho and eventually earned a full ride scholarship and helped them win the Humanitarian Bowl in 2009.

What drives Darsenio is the fact that we all have a chance to be the best version of ourselves. With consistent movement and positive lifestyle habits anyone can be their healthiest and happiest versions. He loves to push people outside of their comfort zones while making them feel good at the same time. “It’s a hard job at times coaching another adult on how to move their body, but it is also equally rewarding!”

Darsenio’s main goal in any class is to help people see that that they are that strong, deserving, hardworking version of themselves that they think but don’t always see. “It takes time to develop good and bad habits, and my job, no, my goal, is to re-train as many people as I can so that they can live how they have always envisioned.