Don’t worry, Workout and be Happy!

One of my favorite benefits from living an active lifestyle is the profound positive impact it has on my mental state of being.  Getting my heart rate up, increasing circulation, and supplying excess oxygen to my body and brain all come together in a cocktail of cerebral bliss. My language may be loaded, but it’s the truth!  Exercise has been proven to lower cortisol, as well as increase endorphin levels.  

As a former professional athlete, my body has grown accustomed to constant physical exertion.  So much so, that depriving it from movement severely inhibits my ability to be happy. I play basketball with my buddies, tennis with my wife, and the occasional jog to Community Fitness for a Gina Skene yoga class to round me out.

One of my happiest moments being active was being crowned slam dunk king!

Exercise has become somewhat of a coping mechanism for me as well. Recently, my family in Houston and South Florida were under duress with the recent influx of extreme weather.  Thank goodness everyone is alright, but I used my workout routine to help calm the nerves  from worrying about them.

My point is,  working out can help alleviate the stresses of everyday life.  Whether it be from work, the volatile political climate in the U.S. right now, or the impending gloom of knowing that “winter is coming,” an exercise routine can help us all be happier in the process.

Also, Congratulations to the Tread Lightly Campaign winners, Isabelle and Marie! Thank you guys for doing your part in keeping our community green and I hope you guys take advantage of those complimentary memberships to lead happier lifestyles!

Your Friendly neighborhood Fitness Blogger,

Andrew Avillanoza

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