Top frequently asked questions:

Do I have to sign up in advance to take classes?
Nope! All of our classes are first-come, first-serve. You are welcome to pay the $16 drop-in if you don’t have a membership. If it’s your first time we encourage you to come at least 5 minutes before class to get signed in. All equipment is provided.

How do I suspend or cancel my membership?
It’s easy. Drop by the studio or email your request. Please no phone calls. We need 7 days notice before the end of the month in order to stop your membership for the upcoming month. You can do this by sending an email to, and we will confirm your cancelation request via email. If you ever want to restart, simply let us know and we will pro-rate you for the month you join.

3. Where should I park?
See our handy parking guide below. Most of the surrounding streets are free 1-2 hour parking. Please do not park in the private lots near Community Fitness — we’d hate to see you get towed and lose those hard-earned endorphins!

Parking Guide

4. Do you have changing rooms and lockers? Where can I store my things?
We do have changing rooms, but we do not have lockers. For storage, we have cubbies and hooks inside our studios to hang coats and bags. Never ever leave valuables in your car.

5. Do you offer childcare?
At this time we do not offer child care. To maintain safety, children are not allowed to be in the studio while classes are in session. If you bring your child to Community Fitness, they may wait in the foyer, but we will have you sign a waiver and we would love if you provided them with a quiet activity. Our desk staff will attend to their regular duties and cannot be responsible for monitoring children.

6. How old does my child need to be to participate in class?
Children who are 14 years old or older are welcome to participate in classes. For our dance classes and some workshops, we will admit children that are 11 years old. All children must pay the regular drop-in rate for classes. Adult supervision is required for all clients younger than 16. Please ask front desk for full policy on youth taking classes.

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1. What types of classes do you offer?
With everything from Zumba® and BODYPUMP™ to Barre and Cycling, Community Fitness is a uniquely designed health club offering a variety of group fitness classes to suit many different needs. We have 120+ classes every week and 20+ fitness formats available. Please visit our schedule to learn more.

2. Do I have to be a member to take class?
All classes are open to anyone who wants to participate! You can drop-in for $16, purchase a 10 Class Pass for $116, or set up an unlimited Monthly Membership for $69.95+tax. See our pricing page.

3. Can I join a class once it’s in session?
Participants can enter dance fitness classes (Zumba, Ruby, etc.) up to 20 minutes after the scheduled start time. All other classes close 10 minutes after they have begun. Evenings and weekend mornings tend to be especially popular time slots so give yourself extra time and arrive early!

4. I’ve never lifted weights before. Can I participate in BODYPUMP™?
BODYPUMP™ is a great way to add strength training to your workout. Bodypump is all-levels and you can choose your own degree of intensity. It will get easier as you incorporate Bodypump more regularly to your workout routine. In order to see results we recommend working up to three times a week. If you are new to Bodypump, plan on arriving 5-10 minutes early. Our desk staff will introduce you to the instructor and help set up your equipment for class. Read more about Bodypump here.

5. I’m out of shape. Is it safe for me to exercise at Community Fitness?
We believe that regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Please consult with your doctor before taking classes at our Seattle health club if you are pregnant or are being treated for any health issues, such as back or joint pain, obesity or diabetes. When you first come to class, you will answer a quick health questionnaire. If you have any of the health issues that we’ve identified, we will ask for a follow-up signature from a health professional. This ensures that you can safely participate in class.

6. What should I wear?
Wear comfortable workout clothes that you can move in. Some of our classes—Barre, Nia and Yoga for example—are done barefoot, but most classes require some form of athletic shoes. We ask that you refrain from fragrances with a strong scent.

7. Do I need to bring a yoga mat, towel, or equipment? 
Nope, we’ve got everything you need. Equipment for all classes is provided, but if you wish to bring your own mat, feel free!

8. Can I just watch a class?
At both of our Play and Power Studios (both on Roosevelt), we have dual projector screens that are visible from the bench in our foyer. At the Flow Studio (65th Street), we have a slightly opaque blind that you can glance through to get a sense of the class. Generally, we ask visitors to refrain from looking directly into classes as it can make people feel uncomfortable because, you know, they’re being watched.

9. Do you have a lost and found?
We store all items that we are left at our studios. Please drop by during business hours or contact our staff and let them know what you are looking for. It is our policy to hold lost items for two months and then donate unclaimed items to a local charity.

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