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Okay, so we haven’t been keeping up with our Foodie Friday posts. Guilty. BUT we’re trying to make up for it by sharing this incredible opportunity to order fresh, nutritious, organic, locally-farmed food … harvested 24-48 hours before it reaches your table! At Community Fitness, we know that the mission of fitness, wellness, and caring for oneself to attain a higher quality of life is a holistic endeavor that involves more than coming to your weekly classes (though we think that helps a lot). The way we eat in today’s world means a lot of disconnect from our food and where it comes from … Farmigo helps bridge that gap, plus so much more. Read all about the benefits of trying Farmigo’s food-ordering service below. It’s super easy … sign up, shop, and pick-up!

Use the code GREATFOOD to get 20% off your first order.

Farmigo at Chinook Book

How it works 

  1. Sign up for the Farmigo Community at www.farmigo.com/chinookbook
  2. Shop! There’s no commitment to order, no minimums, and no delivery fees.
  3. Place your order by Sundays at midnight each week.
  4. On Wednesdays, you can pick up your pre-packed order at the Chinook Book office from 3:30-5:30pm! Details online.
  5. Your credit card will be charged on Thursdays — and don’t worry, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on every item!


For more info, contact Alex: alex.mabery@chinookbook.net 

Why buy local at Farmigo?

  • Bountiful variety & unbeatable freshness: Farmigo partners with over 50 producers and offers 375 items in the Seattle marketplace, making it easier for you to skip the supermarket and eat locally. Food is harvest just 24-48 hours before reaching your table, making it fresher and more competitively priced than big grocers like Whole Foods.
  • Deliciously healthy: Food that is sourced locally and allowed to ripen at it’s own pace has the highest nutritional and flavor density, meaning you can enjoy delicious food that is also great for your health.
  • From the farm to your family: Farmigo provides transparency connecting you directly to the farmer. You know where your food comes from and how it was grown, raised, or produced.
  • Organically grown and sustainable: Farmigo works with farmers who follow organic and sustainable practices.
  • Brings us closer to our food: Farmigo sources from farmers within a day’s drive from your community, supporting local economies and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Supports amazing farmers and producers: All producers have set out to create fresh food sustainably and responsibly. Traditional food distributors (like supermarkets) pay farmers 20-30 cents to the dollar. With Farmigo, farmers receive 60-70 cents to the dollar!
  • Fundraising for schools and communities: For example, whenever members from a school order $500 or more in sales, Farmigo gives back 10% of the total amount, supporting any initiative of the school’s choice.
  • Easy and convenient: No minimums. No delivery or memebrship fees. No commitments.
  • Connecting community: Our mission is driven by groups of neighbors, ordering individually and picking up together, as a community. It’s made farm-to-neighborhood a viable option, where fresh food is more accessible and affordable than ever before, nothing goes to waste, and small farmers are supported.

To learn more, visit Farmigo’s website. To sign-up, go to www.farmigo.com/chinookbook!

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