Featured Couple: Sonal & Mark

“The couple that sweats together, stays together.”

For the month of February, we’ll be featuring the Lovebirds of Community Fitness … those couples whose benches are always parallel in BodyPump or who spend Saturday mornings sharing Cycling stats. Whether their go-to is cutthroat competition or friendly encouragement, they’ll tell you there’s something truly special about working out with the person you love.

Now introducing couple #9 … Sonal & Mark! 

How long have you been together? 

Mark and I met in 1991, married in 1993 and we’ve been working out in one way or another since we met. We were/are avid hikers which was a gateway for us to become trail runners. Mark also taught me how to lift weights.

What are your favorite Community Fitness classes? 

Spin with Dan Dill on Tuesdays — he’s awesome and we always leave spent!

What do you like about working out together? 

For us, a good workout or a long run or intense hike is “date night.” It’s a great way for us to unwind, talk, and bond. We sincerely believe that working out together and being active has contributed to our 22 successful years of marriage!

How would you describe your in-class dynamic? 

We are a bit competitive, but that is our version of encouraging each other!

Do you have any favorite memories from class time together? 

Mark once said a certain spin class was “puke worthy” — pretty awesome coming from an ultra/trail runner — great day!

What do you like to do together outside of class? 

Everything. We are raising three kids and when we can get away, we love to travel. But wherever we go or whatever we do, we stay active.  We also love to binge-watch TV shows.

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