Community Fitness Seattle gym instructors

We love our Group Fitness instructors.

Seriously. We think they are the best. Lifelong dancers teach barre classes, pharmacists-turned-personal-trainers guide yoga sessions, and CrossFit–trained mothers of three lead BodyPump™ workouts. Read on to learn more about the people who make Community Fitness the best place to be fit, happy, and healthy.

Abigail Smith | Barre

Abigail has always been an athlete and fitness enthusiast. Her goal is to help her students feel stronger, more in tune with their bodies and to support their overall physical and mental wellness.

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Alexandra Zepeda | Barre

Alexandra comes to us most recently from New York City. She pulls inspiration for her barre classes from gymnastics, dance and yoga. Her classes are a safe space to build the courage to step out of your comfort zone, gain strength, and feel beautiful.Alexandra comes to us most recently from New York City.

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Alison Solam | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Alison taught her first class in 2001 and has continued learning and teaching ever since. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as a
500-hour RYT and has a strong interest in a yoga practice that is sustainable, possibly lifelong.  She loves the big picture of yoga (aka how we can end suffering) as well as the details.

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Angie Orthel | Body Pump, Cycle

Angie Orthel starting teaching Body Pump in 2013, after the birth of her third child. A year later she became an Indoor Cycling instructor. She figured she was at the gym everyday, why not do it professionally? She has always been an active person and is addicted to the endorphins and positive outlook that exercise brings.

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Amanda Boden | Barre

Formerly a high school cheerleader, Amanda started teaching classes in college and never looked back. Her goal is to have you walk out of class with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on your face, so get ready to laugh and be challenged!

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Amy Phillips | Barre, Tabata, Cycle

With a background in dance, Amy is always moving. Don’t let her sweet southern accent fool you — get ready for hardcore, upbeat, fun, energetic, heart-pumping workouts that keep you coming back for more.

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Amy Hollens | Barre

Amy is a former professional dancer and certified Barre instructor and has been teaching for over 10 years. As a professional dancer she has performed in some top locales including Disney, and as a Rockette in NYC! She loves Barre and sharing it with Community Fitness.

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Andrea Vos | Barre

Andrea’s interest in group fitness and exercise began as an extension of her background in jazz dance and ballet. As a licensed physical therapist assistant, she sees barre as an opportunity to pursue her life aspiration of helping others attain fitness goals and improve wellness through movement.

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Autumn Skeel |Total Body Tabata™ Reps

Autumn started out her career in fitness at the age of 18 years old when she was asked to sub for an instructor that did not show for her favorite aerobic class. Autumn has presented Total Body Tabata™ to a number of fitness symposiums with her biggest achievement of  presenting at IDEA, World Fitness Convention.

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Ben Grieshaber | Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Ben is a Yoga Instructor and Musician. His love of movement and sound is apparent throughout his grounded yet flowing classes. He aims to give a unique and thoughtful experience to each and every practitioner through the use of clear concise instruction and hands on assisting.

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Brandi Ellis | Barre


Brandi is a university trained dance instructor and is certified in Les Mills Body Combat, Bootybarre, Pop Pilates and Spin. Brandi has a passion for learning about movement in all forms and loves to share that with others.

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Brenna Hindman | Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Candlelight Yoga


Brenna is a performance coach, massage therapist, and former collegiate soccer player. Brenna’s classes are about playful discovery, letting go, and finding grace and gratitude in whatever is brought to the mat that day.

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Brooke Oberg | Pilates

Brooke Oberg is a Seattle Native and completed a Masters in Teaching through Seattle University in 2003. Brooke realized soon after that she was in the wrong teaching profession, and has committed herself to the fitness industry ever since.

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Chris Daigre | DanceDaigre

For over 20 years, Chris has been teaching dance and fitness to all ages and all levels. Chris values physical fitness as a means to greater confidence and self-esteem and believes dance and its health benefits should be a part of everyday life.

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Courtney Saben | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Courtney noticed a dramatic shift in her happiness and positivity after beginning yoga and carries these mindsets into each of her classes. She enjoys infusing upbeat playlists and challenging yet accessible peak postures into her sequences. She hopes to bring the joy and peacefulness that comes from yoga to everyone who takes her classes!

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Daniel Nery Dos Santos Filho | Zumba®

A native of Salvador, Brazil, Daniel grew up steeped in the world of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance. He brings a unique blend of Latin and Afro-Brazilian flavor to his classes. Be ready for a fast-paced, high-energy workout full of simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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Danielle Bregent | Cycle Strength, Cycle Barre, Barre

Danielle lives and breathes group fitness, and has been sharing this passion with her students since 2006. Danielle’s classes are high energy and intense. Expect a conditioning, full-body workout that doesn’t cut corners.

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Elli Yokochi | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Elli believes in the potency of yoga as an integrative mind, body and spirit practice. She loves the alchemical healing power, the soul nourishment and the eternal teacher that a dedicated yoga practice can be. Teaching yoga is a gift to her and through her; an act of devotional service and love.

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Gina Skene | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Gina loves teaching to share with others the healing and empowerment she finds practicing yoga daily. She teaches with a gentle strength that allows her students to feel safe while moving to new mental and physical edges.

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Heather Gervais | Cycle, BodyPump™

Heather is a two-time Salsa Championship competitor and has been passionate about fitness her entire life.

She delivers fitness classes that are fun but also physically challenging. Be prepared to smile, laugh, and sweat your way through a workout with Heather.

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Jennifer Cepeda | DancePowered

Through her background as a hip-hop dancer and cardio fitness hip-hop instructor, as well as her natural dance and performance abilities, Jennifer brings unique style to her classes. Get ready for hard-hitting hip-hop, sexy R&B, jazzy throw-backs, and as many “ham it up” moments as she can throw in.

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Jennifer Heap | Boot Camp, Cycle Strength, Tabata

Jennifer has spent the last 15 years on the West Coast exploring yoga, circuit training, cycling, and any format that continues challenge and passion. When she’s not grunting through pushups, you may find her in San Juan Islands as a sea kayak guide in the summer.

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Jessica Quande | CTY Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness stole Quande’s heart after her first Zumba class, and after losing over 120 lbs,  helped her see fitness as a way of life. Quande loves inspiring and motivating others to reach their fitness goals while encouraging them to believe that they can do anything they want.

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Jessie Zou | Barre

Jessie is a huge proponent of staying active, and values prioritizing physical and emotional health. Being involved in sports and fitness from a young age, she has enjoyed exercising with friends and being a part of a fit community.

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John Delapena | Total Body Conditioning, Step & Sculpt

John’s passion for fitness took root in an unlikely place: ballroom dance. With unstoppable enthusiasm and a genuine love of life, his classes are a testament to the adage that “attitude is everything.”

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Josh Hunter | Tabata, Boot Camp, Repair Shop

Joshua Hunter

Josh’s passion for fitness comes from being overweight as a young teen, becoming active and gaining a whole new sense of self. He likes to train clients to use their bodies in space; running, jumping, crawling, rolling, shuffling, skipping, pushing, pulling are all on the menu! As Josh would say: “Train like an athlete, have an athletic body!”

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Kaji Martinez | Funki Pop

Kaji fell in love with dance as a child and took classes in a variety of formats. She also became enamored with group fitness at age 16 and explored step, Pilates and kickboxing—becoming a fitness instructor a few years later. She thrives off the awesome energy of her students and encourages free expression with dance for all levels.

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Karen Bullard | Yoga for Kids, Teens & Tweens

Head shot of yoga instructor Karen Bullard

Karen has completed three Yoga teacher trainings and is also a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She was introduced to yoga during first pregnancy, giving her tools to embrace parenting and life–in all its challenges and rewards. Her gentle and relatable style appeals to yoga students of all ages.

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Kat Dowrey | MixxedFit

Kat’s passion is empowering people to discover a higher level of fitness, happiness, and inner strength. She believes in the magic that comes from an awesome group fitness experience!

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Kenzie Scofield | Boot Camp, Cardio Strength

Kenzie is passionate about transforming clients’ mental and physical well-being through fitness and nutrition. Her goal is to help clients develop greater bodily awareness and understanding through fun and challenging workouts.

Learn more about Kenzie.



Kristin Adams | Cycle

Kristin Adams is a former competitive distance runner, certified whitewater rafting guide, and scuba diver. Cycling is her passion, and she strives to prove that hard work and fun can be combined into a rewarding workout that maximizes both effort and results.

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Kristin Reed | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Kristin’s greatest passion is helping others connect with and find freedom in their bodies so that they can move and live to their fullest potential. Her classes emphasize building a solid foundation with strength and proper alignment, while also finding ease in asana and cultivating careful observation of the body and mind.

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Mackenzie Kelly| Dance Jam

Mackenzie draws from her background of competitive dancing and training in hip hop to bring her signature format Dance Jam.

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Maria Rico| Zumba

The first thing you should know about me is that dancing is my passion and musica Latina is in my blood. I was born and raised in a small town in Colombia. All my life I have been surrounded by physical fitness activities, starting when I was 7 years old when I first started dancing to traditional Colombian rhythms.

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Medora Cesarano | Dance Club

Community Fitness Dance Instructor Medora Cesarano

After teaching dance fitness for many years, Medora decided to launch her own dance fitness format “Dance Club” in Seattle at Community Fitness in 2011. Since then her high-intensity, easy to follow and professional choreography has become a hit among other dance fitness instructors all over the world.

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Melissa Smith Ross | Barre

Community Fitness Barre Instructor Missy Smith Ross

Melissa begin her career as a dance protegee. In LA, she worked with top celebrities to keep their physiques in camera-ready shape. Having just relocated to Seattle, she is excited to bring her own particular brand of expertise, passion, and commitment to her new community.

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Michele Hausman | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Michele has always been happiest when moving her body, whether through ballet, jazz, aerobics, swimming, or hiking. She feels yoga is a vehicle for knowing ourselves on a deeper level, to notice our habits of mind so we begin to live our lives with more clarity and intention.

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Nathalye Isaacon | Ruby, Urban Latin Dance

Nathalye is passionate about dancing and brings many years of experience with Latin rhythms to the Community Fitness team. A native Colombian, Nathalye is motivated by the idea that dance is an art form and a great way to enjoy life.

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Nanave Radford | MixxedFit

Nanave found her love of movement at age five in the form of gymnastics. After many years of training and competing, her passion migrated to Tahitian dancing when her dad, a Native Tahitian, introduced her to their native art form. Tahitian dance opened up a world of performing, teaching, and choreography, which eventually led to Zumba and MixxedFit certifications.

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Ola Urban | BodyPump™, Pop Pilates

Certified as a personal trainer by the World Instructors Training School, Ola specializes in teaching Les Mills formats. She believes when a person is in top physical shape, they feel empowered and can more effectively handle stress to get the most out of life.

Learn more about  Ola.



Olivia Newport | Barre

Olivia Newport - Barre Instructor

Olivia started her group fitness journey in 2013, while attending Arizona State University. She enjoys incorporating classical ballet techniques into her Barre classes to create a fast-paced, full body toning class.

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Sue Gallas | BodyPump™, Tabata

Sue is a former competitive runner and cyclist whose life as a mother led her to the world of group fitness. After turning her attention to raising her five children, she had less time to train and needed to find more efficient workouts.

Learn more about Sue.



Stephanie Wilson | Barre

Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie has traveled the world performing dance with tours, in theaters, on cruises, and the strip in Las Vegas. She combines her love for dance and fitness to help you build your core while exploring different posture and exercises to make you feel refreshed and reset.

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Susan Slater | BodyPump™

Susan lives in the Roosevelt neighborhood and is often seen running around Greenlake, attending Crossfit classes, and playing in the park with her three daughters. She believes a successful class is one in which you sweat, work hard, and laugh in equal parts.

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Tricia Murphy Madden | Cycle, Tabata

Tricia Murphy Madden has been teaching since 1991. She leads fitness and management workshops worldwide as one of the fitness industry’s frequent presenters for IDEA, Fitness TV, SCW Fitness, CanFitPro, DCAC, IHRSA, Diego Sacco Portugal, and many more. She is teh creator of three group fitness formats.

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