Jennifer Cepeda

“Today you are You.
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive
that is Youer than You.”
–Dr. Seuss

Raised here in Ft. Lewis, Washington, Jennifer moved to Seattle to study graphic design and has been working as a graphic designer and artist in recent years. Attracted to all things creative, she found her way to some of the hottest hip-hop dance classes in the state, and began studying and performing with an elite Hip-Hop group throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years.

Through her background as a hip-hop dancer and cardio fitness hip-hop instructor, as well as her natural dance and performance abilities, Jennifer brings unique style to her classes. Whether it’s Zumba or her signature class Dance Powered, Jennifer fluidly creates an atmosphere that evokes a range of emotions, from hard hitting hip-hop to sexy R&B, jazzy throw-backs, and as many “ham it up” moments as she can throw in. She enjoys a challenge and challenging her students.

A little known fact about Jennifer is that nothing makes her happier than kicking back and watching a re-run of Pride & Prejudice (for the umpteenth time).