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Josh is an ACE-certified personal trainer who has been working with clients since 2009. He started out on the business side of fitness, hoping to utilize his degree in business management and work his way up to running a gym. It wasn’t long before he was moved to get out from behind the desk and personally help people reach the goals they were trying so hard to achieve.

Josh’s passion for fitness comes from being overweight as a young teen. After struggling with insecurity and a lack of confidence, he began lifting weights and became more active, gaining a whole new sense of self.

Josh strives to share that feeling with everyone he can through coaching, strength training, and bootcamps. He likes to move beyond restricted planes of motion and trains clients to use their bodies in space; running, jumping, crawling, rolling, shuffling, skipping, pushing, pulling are all on the menu! As Josh would say: “Train like an athlete, have an athletic body!”

Check out Josh talking about his Bootcamp class!

Bootcamp with Josh from Community fitness on Vimeo.