Introducing … Open Gym!

Our Equipment, your Workout.

The cornerstone of Community Fitness has always been group fitness. We believe that something special happens when people work out together, reaching toward shared goals of health and wellness — with the support and guidance of some of the most talented instructors in Seattle, of course.0d055e7b-0bdd-4c22-8cf1-121bfefe1ef5

But we also recognize that sometimes, schedules don’t cooperate, that flexibility can be key in maintaining a consistent fitness regimen, and that sometimes, you just want to do your own thing. Plus, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve what we offer our members.

Which is why we are SO excited to announce that starting March 21, our Roosevelt studios will be open all day in order to offer Open Gym time. That means that whenever classes aren’t in session, YOU can come in and gain full access to our beautiful studio space and an awesome array of fitness equipment. For 10-class-pass holders and monthly members, Open Gym is a free bonus that adds tremendous value to your investment, but anyone can drop in for a reasonable price. Open Gym will take place every day from 1-4pm, plus 7-9am on weekdays.

We’ve got all the fitness toys you’ll recognize from class (stationary bikes, resistance bands, BodyPump barbells), PLUS more! With the input of instructors, we’ve added wide variety of fun, functional equipment that we think will allow you to make the most of your workout, from Kettlebells to jump-ropes. Check out the full list here!

Don’t know where to start? It can be as simple as some solo riding on a stationary bike, some extra strength training with dumbbells, or a little Savasana on a mat (hey, we wont’ judge), but if you want ideas, some of our talented Community Fitness instructors have put together sample workouts that include easy-to-follow circuits.

In the past, we’ve had numerous requests for use of our studio space beyond group classes, so this is a new direction we are thrilled to take! Our goal is not to take the community out of Community Fitness (in fact, we think Open Gym is the PERFECT time to grab a buddy or two), but to provide flexibility and a way to complement the classes we already offer.

To learn more about Open Gym, including hours, available equipment, and sample workouts, check out our Open Gym page!

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