It Takes A Village

Whether it’s born out of resolutions or to sweat out holiday indulgences, most of us feel the drive to exercise more after the holidays. It’s a good time to begin something new or invigorate a prior commitment. Not surprisingly, class numbers go up after New Year’s Day. Come February, however, numbers start to go down. Throughout the year, despite our best intentions, things can get in the way of sticking to a fitness routine.

It takes a village, right? As part of our advice series, we asked Community Fitness staff to share their tips on staying motivated year round. We pass them on with hopes they will help you reach your goals–whatever they are.

Community Fitness manager Diane loves putting sticky notes around the house that say things like: “You can do this!” “You are rocking this!” or, “You are worth the effort!” She puts them in funny places like inside her sock drawer, on her car dashboard, or in a cupboard so when she opens them, voila—there is the positive affirmation!

She also suggests asking someone to help you stay accountable. Text a friend every time you work out.  If they don’t hear from you, they can offer encouragement. (Sounds like a great tool for a lot of things in life!)

Another suggestion from Diane is to make a commitment to post on your social media regularly.

You’ll find whole Instagrams devoted to this cause, people posting their daily workout as well as what they are eating. Something about declaring your efforts to the world has an effect. Make it fun, use it as a platform to share why you are working out everyday and share your joy!

Diane also likes to make a sticker chart for home. It’s silly and fun! And if you have a family or roommates, everyone can participate! You can find inexpensive sticker sets around the neighborhood at local retailers.

Studio Coordinator Claire

When Studio Coordinator Claire gets down or discouraged, she reminds herself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. “It’s a lifetime journey filled with ups and downs, so it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind of how far I’ve have come and how far I can go over time.”

Workout buddies Leah, Fran, Matt & Denise

Our Assistant Manager Fran makes workout dates with friends and family: “Even if I don’t feel like working out, I’ll still get to the gym because I don’t want to let my buddies  down. For me, the biggest hurdle is just getting out the door. A date with my peeps helps with that, and once I’m at the gym, I’m ready to dive into the workout. Sometimes we meet up for Happy Hour later in the day.” ; )

Studio Coordinator Eve

Studio Coordinator Eve takes inspiration from the Kaizen method, which is a method of using small changes to achieve big goals. What’s the smallest step you could take toward your goal? If you don’t want to go to class, could you just put your exercise clothes on or put your shoes out? (Or just come to class, we’ll take care of the rest!)

There are a lot of different ways you can approach staying on track with New Year’s resolutions, depending on what suits your style. Make it creative or something social you share with other people. Or maybe it’s a place that you come to mentally. However you arrive there, we hope that you do. Here’s to more of a great 2018!


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