Kaji Martinez fell in love with dance as a child and took various classes off and on through out the years in several different genres. These genres include(d) jazz, hip hop, salsa, and bachata. Her next love formed for group fitness classes starting at age 16. She dedicated herself to to several formats including step, Pilates, and kickboxing. After several years, she began teaching step, kickboxing, and dance fitness.

Although difficult to choose a favorite format, dance fitness took first place. Her love for fusion pop encompasses many flavors that ignite into a fun sweaty sexy mess! She summed this up into an energetic funky fun dance fitness program called FunkiPop.

Kaji also spends much of her time practicing as a Psychotherapist. She dedicates herself to helping many navigate through their journeys of growth no matter their challenges.

Kaji has 2 children and 3 dogs to keep her busy when she isn’t teaching FunkiPop, or providing therapy.

You will love her sass and enthusiasm for everyone around her. You might find it fun to experience how she incorporates bit of kickboxing into her choreography now and again. She thrives off the awesome energy of her students and encourages free expression with dance for all levels.