Coach Deb on CFit’s Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge


As a coach in previous Community Fitness Weight Loss and Fitness Challenges, Instructor Deb Voss has unique insight into what participants can expect to take away. Learn what makes the challenge an exciting opportunity to focus on yourself and discover a new lifestyle! 

Dear C-Fitters,

You may have heard about our previous weight loss challenges, or even noticed some of your fellow C-fitters making changes in their health and fitness. With our next challenge just around the corner, you may be wondering if it’s right for you.

Whether you have been struggling to lose weight, improve your fitness or just want a chance to focus on your health, this challenge is for you. Think of it as an opportunity to fine-tune what is already working, discover new approaches and eliminate some habits that may be sabotaging your efforts.  More than anything else, you are giving yourself the gift of improved health by taking some time to focus on yourself.

My favorite thing about this challenge is that while most people will start this journey focused on a number on the scale, almost everyone will finish it with results above and beyond weight loss. Months after a challenge ends, people still grab me after class to share new stories and results, all kick-started by this process:

  • “I no longer avoid family photos, and feel like my strong exterior now matches what I have always known about my internal strength.”
  • “I never knew I could be one of those people who actually LIKES taking a 6:00am class…now I’m upset if I have to miss it!”
  • “I took on a new sport because I have more confidence in what my body can do, and I keep challenging myself to improve further.”
  • “I have reduced my dependency on medication because my health is so significantly improved.”
  • “My entire family has benefited from this challenge and we are exploring ways to be healthier together.”
  • “I did a push up on my feet for the first time in my life.”

None of these success stories happened overnight or without hard work, but similar results are absolutely achievable. The progress all stems from the changes members made to lose weight, alter their body composition and improve their fitness.

If you decide to take on this challenge, your coach will help you set your own goals and work toward achieving them. We all know there is no magic answer for weight loss, and none of the changes we will suggest are based on fad diets or extreme exercise. Rather, by committing to your health and focusing on implementing new ideas, you can gradually shift your lifestyle towards a healthier version of you.


Coach Deb

For more details and to register for the Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge, click here! 

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