Ho, Ho, Hold Yay holiday eating but boo to the extra pounds! “Holiday weight gain” is a phrase that defines the holiday season as much as any other. Studies vary, but the average person can gain 1-7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year. No wonder we flock to the gyms and health clubs in January!

It’s easy to undercut the weight and fitness goals we set for January in the weeks preceding the New Year. In many cultures it’s tradition to celebrate with calorie rich food and drink – let’s be realistic, nobody’s gonna keep me from my pumpkin pie! Instead of missing out on holiday traditions completely, stay active and make small changes to your eating so that you can stay at your current weight before tackling those New Year’s goals.

With that in mind, here’s a short CFit guide to staying healthy healthier during the holidays:

• Plan: Have an exercise plan and keep yourself accountable to your goals. Check out our schedule and pick a few classes to commit to in December.
• Potlucking: Provide a healthy option at the holiday potluck, whether you’re the host or the guest. Bring fresh veggies and swap the creamier dips for substitutes like hummus.
• Portions: Grab a smaller plate or napkin when piling on goodies at the holiday buffet and limit yourself to what fits.
• Potables: Drink in moderation and try spritzers instead of full alcohol cocktails to limit empty calories.

Stay fit, maintain and don’t gain this holiday season!

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