Meet Your Instructor: Courtney Flores


Courtney Flores

Courtney was born and raised in the Monterey Bay of California, where she began dancing at 8 years old. Courtney has trained in all styles of dance since then. Over the 6 years spent in LA as a professional dancer, Courtney sought out every creative opportunity to gain experience and expand her knowledge of the entertainment industry.  She has performed, assisted, and choreographed for many local LA artists, live shows, commercials, and music videos. Her pursuit in dance encouraged her to expand in health and fitness and has continued to support her in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Courtney’s class will always keep you on your toes as her influence of all styles contributes to her class. Hip-Hop is a given, but be ready to switch it up! Growth is right outside your comfort zone and Courtney is all about the challenge. Most importantly, be ready for lots of fun, sweat & attitude!

When you aren’t at CFit, what do you do?
Always dancing! Finding something creative to do. Spending time with my amazing boyfriend. Traveling to California when I can to visit my friends and family.

How did you discover dance and what do you love most about it?
I’ve always danced, but once I started teaching, I found some of my most passionate and enjoyable students were non-dancers who just wanted to learn and have a good time. I started teaching more beginner level classes and fitness classes to be more open to all levels and found something in those classes I couldn’t find in more advanced and technical classes I previously taught.
What’s your favorite way to spend a day or night off?
I love exploring, being a tourist, and trying new things…when I can talk my boyfriend into joining me. Otherwise, good food and a movie do the job. I moved to Seattle in late 2015 so still lots to do here.

What is something not many people know about you? 
Hmm…maybe that I had my real estate license in California. I grew up working with my mom who is a real estate broker. I enjoy having my creative/dance side and balancing it with business/work.

If you could instantly master any skill/superpower/talent/knowledge, what would it be?
Singing! OMG! I would love to sing well. Obviously music is a big part of my life so I think it would be such a powerful outlet outside of dance.
What are you most passionate about in life?
My faith. For me, faith translates generally to being a giving and kind person, spreading and sharing love whenever I can, and expressing gratitude for the blessings I receive.
Any good movies/books/bands/foods/discoveries lately that you’d recommend?
That’s a toughie. Better question is, do YOU have any recommendations? I love a good personal development book…always looking for new music….LOVE food! lol Share with me! I’m all ears.
What else would you want to share with people about you or your class?
I’d just like to invite everyone to join in for the opportunity that awaits. I’m all about growth and positivity – something that is offered to you in my class. Take on the challenge, push yourself, be intentional during that hour you’ve committed to, and enjoy yourself! Your presence is so inspiring to me and supports me along my own personal journey to a healthy active lifestyle.


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  1. Marc Martinez says:

    I do have to say I have worked with Courtney and have also seen her in action. Passion is an understatement about how Courtney feels about what she does. She is very inspirational, fun, encouraging, kind and yet tough. Her “toughness” is the positivity she sees not only in herself but also in others. If you’re lucky enough to meet Courtney, let alone take one of her classes, you might want to take a friend. You’ll want proof how your life is going to change for the better.

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