Meet Your Instructor: Jaclyn Mason

Jaclyn Mason

Jaclyn Mason, a Quincy, IL native, has been a proud Seattle dweller for almost two years. In 2015, Jaclyn graduated with a BFA in Dance and a certificate in Business Entrepreneurship from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.

Shortly after graduating and getting married, she and her husband moved to Seattle. As an avid mover she enjoys dancing, barre, rock climbing, hiking, and yoga, to name a few. She is currently a freelance dance artist doing project-based work and a dance instructor at All That Dance.

Jaclyn first discovered barre after taking a class from her friend, Olivia. She quickly became hooked and received her training and certification from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association. Jaclyn’s barre class is a high energy, full body workout; guaranteed to make you sweat as you move through a creative integration of ballet, pilates, and yoga!

My fitness philosophy: Fitness is not merely about the work of the physical body, it is about the total integration and overall wellness of the whole self—body, mind and spirit.


When you aren’t at CFit, what do you do?
I am a professional dancer, dance instructor, and work as part of the office staff at All That Dance.

How did you discover Barre and what do you love most about it?
I discovered barre through taking my friend’s class at Emerald City Athletics! I love barre because it incorporates three of my favorite fitness modalities.
What’s your favorite way to spend a day or night off?
My favorite way to spend the day off would involve taking a dance class in the morning and then having brunch at Toulouse Petit with my husband. After that we would go to Olympic Sculpture Park because I love being outside. We would go rock climbing in the evening and end the night by watching Netflix with our cat.

What is something not many people know about you? 
Although I have been a dancer my whole life I have never broken a bone or been severely injured.

If you could instantly master any skill/superpower/talent/knowledge, what would it be?
This is a hard question. However, the first thing that came to my mind was the TV show, Criminal Minds. The show is about the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI. I have always been interested in psychology and body language. I find it so interesting how studying behavior and the psychology of a killer leads the characters to catch them. I specifically love the character Spencer Reid who is extremely intelligent and has an extreme eidetic memory. I would love to have the skills of a profiler. 
What are you most passionate about in life?
I am most passionate about the relationships in my life, my faith, and movement.
Any good movies/books/bands/foods/discoveries lately that you’d recommend?
I recently saw La La Land and Hidden Figures in the theater–both incredible movies! I also recently watched Stranger Things and am anxiously awaiting the second season.
What else would you want to share with people about you or your class?
I love teaching group fitness and I encourage any and all people to try barre. While barre is focused on ballet, pilates, and yoga, you do not need dance or previous fitness experience to do it. Fitness is a journey and you can start at any stage in life. Each class I ask my students if they have injuries I should know about or if I can help them modify movements. I emphasize that each class is their workout and to take class according to their body. In my classes, I am interested in creating a safe space for students to move as a community, I am not interested in creating a culture of comparison. Everyone has an amazing body that allows them to move in their own way. Lastly, I am very driven by music and like to make my exercises choreographed to an upbeat playlist!
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