Happy Mother’s Day from Community Fitness!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers that come through our doors at Community Fitness. Mothers make the world go round!

Community Fitness honors this day with some observations on Mother’s Day and fitness…

We know how key it is for Moms to get their workout in so they can do the job that they do. Or that “me” time in yoga or dance class, when they don’t have to be responsible for anyone except themselves. On a health level exercise can assist with building energy before and after childbirth. By getting the heart pumping–all kinds of great things happen, including giving our immune systems a boost.

Once we become adults, we must do the job for ourselves that our Mothers did for us when we were small. Some people call it self-care. It is possible that our relationship with exercise can mimic a mother/child relationship by teaching us when to show up and be accountable, when to push harder and when to rest. We know how we will feel if we lay around all day and don’t get out and move—most Moms would agree!

Fitness asks the best of us. Even when it asks and we know we can’t overdo it today. It helps us honor our true self. And that is all a Mom could ever want.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy the photo gallery below of Moms and their offspring that grace our space!


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