Scared of Yoga? Try This…

Lasara Jarvis YogaBy Lasara Jarvis, CFit Yoga and Zumba Instructor

Yoga is intimidating. Even I was nervous for my first yoga class. Would I have to put my legs behind my head? Was the teacher going to spray patchouli on me and read my aura? Luckily, my first teacher was straightforward, funny and relatable – the way yoga should be. In that vein, here are seven easy tips for attending your first yoga class:

  1. WEAR COMFY CLOTHING: No matter how cute that new Lululemon crop top is, if it draws your attention away from the movement, opt for something else. You’ll need to be able to hug your knees into your chest, so help yourself out by not wearing anything too restrictive (but go ahead and rock that crop top in Zumba!).
  2. TELL THE TEACHER YOU’RE NEW: CFit offers All Levels yoga classes, and when you tell the teacher that you’re a beginner they’ll offer modifications for postures. They might break down certain poses or vinyasas (series of movements), which will help everyone in class fine tune their practice.
  3. SET UP YOUR MAT AT THE BACK: We have mats for you in the studio. Grab a mat and unroll it near the back of the class. If you’re near the back you’ll have plenty of folks around you to watch and imitate. It’s just fine to look around the room and it’s just fine to ask questions for clarification. The instructor generally walks around the room and talks students through the movements.
  4. IT’S OK TO LAUGH: Yoga is weird! Sometimes your teacher is hilarious or funny stuff happens. Laugh!
  5. REST WHEN YOU NEED TO: The aim of yoga is to maintain steadiness and ease from start to finish. It’s absolutely okay to rest when you need to – like when you feel out of breath or anxious. Just rejoin the flow of class when you feel recovered. In fact, resting when you need to will help you to get the most out of class.
  6. YOGA IS NON-COMPETITIVE: Everyone moves at their own pace and there’s no need compare yourself to other students. So relax and focus on what feels right for you, not what feels right for your neighbor.
  7. LET YOURSELF BE A BEGINNER: The benefits of yoga are cumulative; you’ll become stronger and more flexible with time. Your breathing will become more full. Your mind will become calmer. I’m the proof; if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone!

Remember, when it comes down to it, we come to yoga to get strong and flexible, to relieve stress and to practice focusing our attention. It’s great for our bodies but it also helps to cultivate those same qualities in our lives outside of the studio. Check out our Flow schedule for a list of All Levels yoga classes.

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