Upcoming Schedule Changes

      • Our Roosevelt Studios are open all day for independent workouts whenever classes aren’t in session! Click for info about Open Gym.
      • NEW INSTRUCTORS: Mon 6am Cycle with Tammara begins 5/23, Thur 10:45am Barre with Amy begins 5/26, Sun 10:45am BodyPump now with Sue Gallas
      • NEW FORMAT: Now offering MixxedFit with Kat Mon 6:30pm & Sun noon
      • Mon 5:30 & 6:35pm Yoga now with Ben
      • Tue noon Zumba canceled
      • Wed 7:35pm now Dance Powered with Jennifer
      • Fri noon Zumba with Daren begins 4/29
      • Download a copy of our schedule here (may not reflect all recent changes).

Schedule below reflects current week. We operate on a first-come, first-served  basis, with few exceptions.