What’s New:


  • LABOR DAY: Studios open 8-1pm 
  • X Gym: 6am Tues class now with Dan
  • X Gym: 6am Thurs class now with PJ
  • Barre: 12pm Sunday class now with Rachael M.
  • Vinyasa: 10:45am Sunday class with Rachel B. starting 9/11
  • Zumba: 10:30am Mon last class 8/29
  • MixxedFit: 7:30pm Thurs with Nanave starting 9/1
  • MixxedFit: 12pm Fri with Nanave starting 9/9
  • Zumba: 12pm Mon new class with Daren starting 9/5
  • Cycling: 12pm Thurs NEW class with Heather starting 9/8
  • Bodypump: 10:45am Mon NEW class with Sue starting 9/5
  • Our Roosevelt Studios are open for independent workouts whenever classes aren’t in session! Click for info about Open Gym.


Schedule below reflects current week. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with few exceptions. Download a copy of our schedule.