How Self Release can Improve your Fitness!


So you’ve been attending your favorite class regularly for weeks now but for some reason you can’t shake that soreness that comes after the workout.  You’ve been stretching, eating bananas, hydrating and sleeping well, but the soreness and weakness persists. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can care for your body is to incorporate self myofascial release (SMR) techniques into your training program. Current research suggests that including a SMR protocol before and after a workout can both prepare your body for movement and accelerate recovery!

Think of fascia as the intricate web of tissue holding and binding your body together under your skin. Regular exercise can put strain on this tissue and form adhesions that we commonly refer to as knots in our muscles. These knots can cause restrictions in movement and flexibility as well as pain and soreness. And if these adhesions are left unattended, they may contribute to postural imbalances and limit movement and function.

With the assistance of tools (foam roller, lacrosse ball, etc) an individual can help break up and dissipate these knots in the fascia as well as the muscle tissue surrounding it. SMR increases the production of endorphins which can relieve pain and uplift mood. It can also promote blood circulation, which aids in recovery by expediting the process of getting oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Luckily for Community Fitness patrons, Joshua Hunter is well versed in the art of SMR and is offering a Repair Shop training program on Feb. 25th. During this two hour event, Joshua will walk you through some basic to advanced myofascial release techniques all to the backdrop of his patented R&B vibe.

If you are interested in learning and experiencing some of the benefits of SMR, let us know at the front desk and we will happily reserve your spot today!

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