Thanks UWEP for supporting our community and giving us our newest teammate: Morgan!

Here at Community Fitness, we strive to create a positive and diverse work environment. In this way, we hope to serve all of our clients with top grade customer service, coupled with a unique and eclectic team of staff and instructors.

As such, we have welcomed one of our newest colleagues– Morgan– to our team with open arms. Morgan is finishing her Junior year at the Academy for Precision Learning, and is an avid athlete. She runs track and field for Ballard High School and is part of the Special Olympics team here in our community.  Morgan is excited to be developing job skills in the fitness industry, and we at Community Fitness are privileged to aid Morgan in her quest for independence as a young woman with autism.

Morgan was afforded this opportunity at Community Fitness through the guidance of the University of Washington employment program (UWEP), which is national leader in developing and implementing career support services for adults and teens with disabilities. Their goal is to provide employment resources and on-the-job training to members of our community by partnering with local businesses.

Through this program, Morgan volunteers every Monday and Thursday at our Power and Play studios.  Morgan is becoming proficient at taking public transportation from school to the studios with guidance from her UWEP mentor, Audrey. Audrey provides on-the-job training, designs and creates tools to assist Morgan in her duties, and will gradually reduce her presence as Morgan becomes increasingly independent. 

It has been a joy to have Morgan around to help us with our studio’s various needs.  I have personally worked with her several times, and It’s been a pleasant experience all around. She has an infectious smile and is dedicated to getting her work done in a timely manner.

“She is always happy and cheerful, and she brings great energy into the studio,” said Cheri Dracobly our Membership Coordinator.

Morgan is learning new skills, developing routines, and is ready to take on more responsibilities.  But it’s not all work, you can catch Morgan occasionally dancing in the Play studio during her breaks–Morgan loves to be on stage!

We are ecstatic to have Morgan as part of our team, and we hope that more local businesses support the UWEP program.  If you are interested, please check out their website

Your friendly neighborhood fitness blogger,

Andrew Avillanoza

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