Getting Connected Through Fitness This Valentine’s Day

What does Valentine’s Day have to do with fitness, you ask? A lot, actually. Especially if we go beyond the celebrations of chocolates and heart shaped candies. Feb 14th is the holiday for romantic love. But how about making it a celebration of all kinds of love? Or a reminder of love in its truest sense, which some people define as kindness or compassion. Exercise fosters this kind of love by helping us reconnect to ourselves and others.

We’ve all experienced overload with stressful work or school or being in busy traffic. This leaves us irritable with minds churning with the events of the day. But after exercising, you feel SO much better. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga or cycling or dancing. It pulls you out of your head, gets your heart rate up and brings on relaxation. Soon we are smiling and relating to the world a little better. When we feel good we respond with kindness to ourselves and other people. Being kind is being loving or expressing goodwill.

Modern life can take its toll. Here in Seattle, while nature rich compared to some cities, there is a lot of stimuli. We are constantly connected through computers and cell phones to infinite things happening in the world, including a barrage of bad news, an unfortunate trend in news media. Checking social media brings a continual mish mash of content for our brains and hearts to process.

Exercising pulls you away from all those things and gets you back in your body. It gives you that pause, through respiration or aching muscles, and access to a presence that you might not stay connected to all the time. We usually call exercise and mindfulness two different things, but they don’t have to be. Moving your body can be a pathway to mindfulness.

Another way that fitness can bring you more connection is by exercising with other people. Here at Community Fitness we have best friends that can’t wait to dance together each week, or new friends that are made during partner exercises in Boot Camp. We also have moms and daughters & couples that take classes together.

 Marc and Kay keep make time for each other in cycling class every Sunday.

Friends and fellow CF employees Claire, Casey & Madeline meet up weekly to sweat it out in their favorite dance class.

Redefine your Valentine’s Day with a workout at Community Fitness. Find your favorite class on our schedule, or discover a new one! Come alone, grab a friend or family member* to share one of your favorite workouts for the evening! 

*Partners attending for the first time can take advantage of our Sweat Together program, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and all the days that follow!


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