Why the 90’s are calling us back…to the Retro Ruby Dance Party


Instructor Patience, gettin’ her dance on.


Have you heard? The 90’s are back and making a reappearance at Community Fitness! Join us on Friday, May 20th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm for a special edition Retro Ruby Dance Party.

Join your favorite instructors Patience Schoene, Nathalye Isaacson, Sara Grippen, Annika Hoogestraat, and Jennifer Cepeda  for an evening of dance that will be a total blast from the past!

We got the low down from your instructors on some of the special 90’s moments that made them smile, say WTF!? and what inspired their lives and the creation of this edition of Retro Ruby.


CFit: So the 90’s had some pretty outlandish and all around awesome movies.  What was your fave?


PS: I’d have to say, Pulp Fiction or Boondock Saints.
NI: Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction.
SG: Being John Malkovich (Malkovich? Malkovich!  Malkovich) and Groundhog Day (how many lives did he have?).
AH: Titanic.  I watched this movie in the theaters five times. This maybe explains a lot about me as a lovesick teen. “My heart will go on…”


CFit: All good choices!  We are still crying over Leo in Titanic.  How about TV?


AH: ER.  True story, Nurse Hathaway (Juliana Marguiles) was a strong influence in my day job choice. She was such a bad ass!


CFit: Let’s talk music since it is such an integral component of dance.  Who/What was your favorite artist or band?


PS: I was a HUGE Green Day fan.
NI: Nirvana.
SG: Everything But The Girl and their song, Mirrorball.
AH: Fiona Apple.  So many feelings!!


CFit: Hopefully, we will be hearing songs from those artists at Retro Ruby (fingers crossed)!  Now let’s get down to a very serious matter.  Tell us, who was your celebrity crush?


PS: Hello, Luke Perry!
NI: Kurt Cobain.
SG: Juilianne Moore.  She’s still kind of a MILF.
AH: Leonardo DiCaprio.  See question #1.


CFit: Our hearts just skipped a beat!  So now that the 90’s are in your rear-view mirror, what about that time makes you scratch your head, and say, “whaaaat?!”


PS: Monica Lewinsky?  Madonna dated Vanilla Ice! No s**t, that happened. 
SG: Tanya Harding.  WTF?  No other words. 


CFit: Oh snap!  Those were definitely some doozies!  On a personal level, what was special about the 90’s for you?


PS: I graduated high school
NI:  Well in the 90’s I always thought of how cool Seattle must be to have so many great bands… It was the decade where I went out clubbing the most, so I have a lot of fun memories from it. Also in 1996 I discovered that the only thing that made me focus, driven and committed was teaching dance. 
SG:  Spending summers in New York City.  My cousin would go on these month long yoga retreats and I would watch her pup and crash at her place.  This was like ages 15-17.  That was the best. No parents. No siblings.  WOW.  I never really thought about how independent I was encouraged to be!
AH:  I grew up outside of Seattle, and I have fond teenage memories throughout the 90s of riding the ferry into the city to see bands at the all ages clubs downtown. So many memories… so many pairs of Dr. Martin’s paired with dresses and baby backpacks.


CFit: That is so great!  Sounds like a time of truly coming into your own.  Now that we are bringing the 90’s back for one night, is there anything in particular you are excited about for Retro Ruby?


PS: I love seeing people let go when we do soul trains and line dances. They let they’re own style show.
NI:  I love that we meet to dance to older music and celebrate the time with the trends. It brings memories for everybody and is fun. I love how the people have learned that these are parties where they can enjoy themselves and let loose. 
SG:  To quote an amazing Madonna song, “music makes the people come together”.  That is my favorite.  Looking forward to jamming to some sweet 90’s jams, rocking some retro fashion and dancing with my girls (the rubies and the community)!  Putting on these events is a blast.  Plus there is bubbly so it’s festive.
AH:  I’m expecting costume changes to be much easier now that I’m not pregnant. For the Madonna event in the fall, Sara and her husband had a hell of a time trying and ultimately failing to help me get into a wedding dress that was entirely comical. I’d recommend one well planned costume with plenty of stretch for this event. This is the era that brought you “bump and grind”… Just keep that in mind.


CFit: Well, you’ve certainly got us excited now and looking forward to some crazy costumes!  Any hints on what’s to come?


PS:  Hey… Macarena!


CFit: Uh, we might need a refresher on that one.  Thank you ladies for sharing your amazing memories of the 90’s and getting us pumped for a slammin’ Retro Ruby.  It sounds like this is going to be one super sweet dance party.  Count us in!


Click here to find out more and register for our Retro Ruby dance party!


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