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Strong For Summer | VLog with Jennifer Susan Slater, Medora Cesarano and Jennifer Cepeda
Susan Slater demonstrating a glute bridge on stage at Community Fitness. Susan is wearing neutral colored athletic wear, and is surrounded by BodyPump™ equipment; a barbell, dumbells, a step bench and a yoga mat.
Woman Performing squat exercises with a medicine ball. She’s wearing a pale pink bodysuits and is working in a fitness studio with light bray floors. She has long, black hair that is pulled back in a braid. The view of her is from the side.
Ola Urban teaching Bodypump™ in Seattle
Take a few moments to meditate in the as part of your morning self-care routine.
Susan Slater is bringing another Fitness Challenge for Community Fitness to follow this December!
Holiday Fitness Tips
Plank through the Holidays with our Be PLANKful Challenge from Susan Slater
On Demand Workouts with Community Fitness