Make a Difference


We believe in changing lives through group fitness.

Studio Coordinators

We are currently hiring positive and proactive part-time Studio Coordinators to join our core team and help us run our unique fitness studio.

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In addition to our modern gym with state-of-the-art technology and sound systems, we believe we have the best fitness instructors in Seattle. We look for enthusiastic, committed individuals who genuinely believe in the power of fitness to change lives. Our fitness instructors bring a wealth of teaching experience to their classes and often hold secondary degrees in health and wellness. For our dance instructors, we love meeting people who have backgrounds in choreography and performance.

If you are interested in a teaching opportunity with Community Fitness, please email

About Us

We are small health club with a focus on group fitness and a long-term vision to strengthen and enrich the community around us. We believe that health has multiple dimensions, not just physical, and we try to uphold this outlook in how we do things.

We offer a hands-on, exciting environment that is less gym and more start-up. Our everyday work environment is casual and playful—expect a collaborative atmosphere and a team that’s willing to help you.