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Medora Dance Club | Dance Fitness at Community Fitness, Seattle


Cardio | Coordination | Agility | Cognitive Improvement

Dance Club

From the first step of the warm up to the last stretch of the cool down, this intense yet highly addictive and fun one hour workout will fly by as both your body and brain are challenged to keep pace with Medora’s unlimited energy and her engaging personality!

Medora designs each song of her playlist with creative, easy-to-follow choreography along with intricate add-on moves, all set to a variety of energetic songs of top forty radio, old school hip hop, current pop, funk and even a little burlesque!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional this class is designed for those who love to dance!  Medora’s entertaining teaching style will put a smile on your face while dripping with sweat and leave you looking forward to your next Dance Club session!