Groove with  Soul


danceDaigre with Chris Diagre

Quick Notes:

Classic Dance Format | Easy Going Pace | Progressive Routine | Technique

Dance Fitness with Soul

Join well-known instructor and trainer Chris Daigre (de-GRAY) in his signature dance class. danceDaigre is an energetic discovery of modern hip-hop, jazz and Latin-inspired choreography. You will learn dance combinations piece-by-piece, building up to a full routine by the end of class. danceDaigre strengthens your body, engages your mind, and ignites your soul.

danceDaigre is a dance fitness class that is meant to be accessible to all ages and levels, improve health and wellness, and deepen the connection between body and mind. Plus, participants will tell you, it’s serious fun.

Participants can choose comfortable, dance-friendly footwear or to go barefoot.