Happy New Rear Glute Challenge

We absolutely love all the energy New Year brings! This year, we are leveling up with a glute challenge! Tag a friend to join us for Happy New Rear Glute challenge! 

Download our calendar guide and complete each challenge daily.

Oh! We are also offering a special glute & leg class to pair with your peachy workouts! Mondays & Wednesdays after BODYPUMP™, Susan will lead a 25 BOOTYCAMP – Glutes & Gams, a lower body focused workout that will include the challenge of the day!

How To Use Our Guide:

You can participate in our New Rear Challenge whether you’re new to strength training, or have a dedicated workout routine, and anything in-between! Here are some suggestions for how to use our guide:

Keep It Simple:
Download the calendar and follow along daily with bodyweight exercise only!

Add Into Existing Routines:
Mix into your existing routine with or without weights, but take rest days after weighted training.

Make Your Own Glute Set:
Now you have a great catalog of go-to glute exercises to add to your fitness routines! Mix & match as you see fit.

Fitness Resolutions are easier with others! Virtual Workouts include: Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit, Resistance Band, Core Power & more.

Try This Glute Workout with Susan!

Follow Susan’s glute set here, where she breaks down all of the exercises we’ll be doing in the challenge. 

Glute Exercises Descriptions:

Whether you’re new to glute exercises or avidly use them in your workouts, reviewing technique & form is something we firmly believe in! Take a look at some of the videos we’ve linked out to below to help you when performing our New Rear Challenge! Make sure to tag us @Communityfitness so we can give you virtual props for joining along!

bodyweight, feet just barely wider than hips, toes turned out slightly, sitting back into heels, chest up, knees staying behind toes, lower to knee height

Plie Squat:
eet very wide, toes turned way out, lower straight down pushing thru the heels, the rise back up, keep knees behind toes

Glute Bridge:
On back, knees bent, heels just a bit in front of knees, lift and squeeze glutes leaving upper back on floor, lower and repeat

Sumo Squat:
Similar to squat but feet a bit wider, toes out a bit more, pushing through back outside of heels, lower to knee height, rise, repeat

Squat Hold:
Lower to bottom of squat, engage core, chest up, sit into your heels and hold in the down position at knee height

Lower Squat Jump:
squat position, arms by sides, sit down into squat then explode off the floor straightening legs using arms to propel you.  Land softly bending knees back into squat position to explode again