Equipment used in our online classes range from body weight, to hand weights, from balls to resistance bands.
Once you’ve taken a few classes with your favorite instructor(s), you’ll get a sense of what you’ll need for the class.

We’ve included some creative equipment substitutions below, many of which can be found right in your pantry!

No weights? No problem.

  • Hand Weights Light (1-3lbs): water bottles, jars of food, bags of rice or beans. Used in Barre and Pilates formats.
  • Hand Weights Heavy: gallon jugs of water, laundry soap jugs, grocery totes filled with cans or paint cans. Used in Strength formats.
  • Gliders: paper plates, micro fiber cloths, cardboard or socks. Used in Barre. Also used in Strength & Cardio formats like, Bootcamp, HIIT, Tabata.
  • Yoga Blocks: stack of books (large, encyclopedia size), low chair or table, rolled towel or pillow can support hips for Yoga and Yoga Sculpt.
  • Pilates Ball: rolled towel bound with rubber bands.
  • Bands: long towel, robe ties or bicycle tubes. Used in Barre and Yoga.
  • Chair. Used for Barre and/or Yoga.