Barre Instructors

Our Barre Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds from professional dancers and fitness trainers to physical therapists. We value the diversity of teaching styles and encourage our teachers to share their strengths. All of our teachers share a passion for fitness and for creating a supportive, engaging and challenging, barre class. Expect to sweat a lot, shake a little, and feel like you rule the world!

Abigail Smith Barre Class Instructor Community Fitness

Abagail Smith .

Alexandra Zepeda Barre Instructor Community Fitness

Alexandra Zepeda

Amanda Boden Barre Instructor Community Fitness

Amanda Boden

Amy Phillips Barre class Instructor Community Fitness

Amy Phillips

Amy Hollens Barre class Community Fitness

Amy Hollens

Andrea Voss Barre class Instructor at Community Fitness

Andrea Vos

Brandi Ellis Barre Instructor at Community Fitness

Brandi Ellis

Danielle Bregent Instructor at Community Fitness

Danielle Bregent

Jessie Zou Barre Class Instructor Community Fitness

Jessie Zou

Melissa Smith Ross Barre Class Instructor Community Fitness

Melissa Smith Ross

Olivia NewPort Barre Instructor Community Fitness

Olivia Newport

Stephanie_Wilson_Barre_Instructor Community Fitness

Stephanie Wilson