Yoga and Wellness

Whether you are looking for a beginner Yoga class or have an existing practice, our knowledgeable instructors offer dynamic Vinyasa flow-style Yoga to build strength, flexibility and a mind-body connection. Try Gentle Yoga for deeper relaxation and a feeling of ease or Repair Shop for recovery and release.

Vinyasa Yoga classes at Community Fitness

Alison Solam

Ben Grieshaber Yoga Instructor at Community Fitness

Ben Grieshaber

Brenna Hindman Yoga Instructor at Community Fitness

Brenna Hindman

Barre and Yoga Instructor Brooke Oberg

Brooke Oberg

Gina Skene Yoga Instructor Community Fitness

Gina Skene

Michele Hausman Yoga Instructor at Community Fitness in Seattle, WA

Michele Hausman

Hannah Suttora Yoga Seattle

Hannah Suttora

Alexandra Sipe Barre and Yoga Instructor Seattle

Alexandra Sipe

Haley Derge

Trent Nivala Seattle Yoga Sculpt

 Trent Nivala