Group Fitness Instructor

John Delapena

John Delapena is a instructor of Total Body Conditioning and Step -n- Sculpt at Community Fitness

John Delapena

Total Body Conditioning | Step & Sculpt

“Change begins with small choices daily.”

John’s passion for fitness took root in an unlikely place: ballroom dance. After graduating from high school, John joined a local dance company outside San Francisco. He eventually became a professional ballroom instructor for Fred Astaire, competing nationally for three years. For over a decade, John has brought this talent for movement to the world of group fitness. He is certified in a variety of formats, including Cycling, Core & Strength Conditioning, Step, Kickboxing, Zumba® and Pilates.

John believes that consistency and trust in muscle memory are essential to body and muscle awareness. His classes are characterized by popular, dance-y tracks and an ability to make his students laugh (even while they are grimacing in pain). With unstoppable enthusiasm and a genuine love of life, John’s classes are a testament to the adage that “Attitude is everything.”

A little known fact about John is that he has gained and lost over 30lbs twice in his life due to vertigo.