Myofacial Release

Repair Shop

Josh Hunter Instructor at Community Fitness


Flexibility | Repair | Myofacial Repair

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The Ultimate Recovery and Stretching Class

Research shows that the better your body recovers, the better your body performs….and feels!

Repair Shop is a myofascial release and stretching class that combines various elements to help your body heal. By repairing your body, you’ll feel better right away and will be able to work out harder with less incidence of injury. Expect deep stretching and self-massage techniques that you will be able to carry with you long after class ends.

We’ll finish with foam rolling and other myofascial release techniques — these techniques break up the muscle adhesions that restrict range of motion and cause pain. The primary goal of Repair Shop is to provide you with a dedicated, guided time to undo damage done to your body while working out or sitting at work. The secondary goal is to teach you techniques you can use at home to help you reduce day-to-day pain and heal your own body.

Plus, you’ll move to a sweet soundtrack of mellow hip hop, soul, neo soul, and R&B from the 90’s, early 2000’s, and current hits. So come stretch out, roll out, and groove out in Repair Shop.

Repair Shop is meant for Boot Campers, dancers and everyone in between. Dress comfortably to move and stretch.