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Brooke Oberg

Brooke Oberg Pilates Instructor at Community Fitness

Brooke Oberg


Brooke Oberg is a Seattle Native and completed a Masters in Teaching through Seattle University in 2003. Brooke realized soon after that she was in the wrong teaching profession, and has committed herself to the fitness industry ever since.

Brooke has taught the whole spectrum of exercise classes in addition to personal training. Brooke has been teaching Pilates since 2005. Currently, Brooke teaches out of her home Pilates studio.

Just recently, she graduated from an intensive year long Pilates graduate program called, The Work, based out of Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles for certified teachers. The program was directed by first generational master instructor, Jay Grimes, who has studied directly under Joseph Pilates himself. Brooke has worked in several fitness gyms/clubs/boutique studios in Seattle, Des Moines (Iowa), Toledo (Ohio), Manhattan Beach (California), and Salt Lake City (Utah).

Most recently she worked as the Pilates Coordinator at The Seattle Athletic Club Northgate after starting their Pilates program for them. She has substitute taught pedal and pulse, barre, pop pilates and Yoga the past year at Community Fitness. Community Fitness is her favorite venue so far and she is grateful for the opportunity to teach for them.