Daniel Santos

Latin Cardio Dance

Never give up on your dreams.

A native of Salvador, Brazil, Daniel (Mestre Pitta) grew up steeped in the world of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance. Educated at La Universidad Federal do Bahia and Federação Cultural do Bahia in Salvador, he performed throughout the state of Bahia with professional Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira groups such as Arte Bahia, Joao de Barro and Axé Bahia.

After nearly 18 years of teaching and performing, Daniel moved to the U.S. filled with enthusiasm to share his native Afro-Brazilian culture abroad. In Seattle, together with his wife Aileen, they founded Bantos Capoeira Seattle and Bahia in Motion, organizations that offer classes in Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira to both adults and children.

Daniel brings a unique blend of Latin and Afro-Brazilian flavor to his Zumba® classes. Be ready for a fast-paced, high-energy workout, full of simple, easy-to-follow steps. Just keep your eyes on him and follow along.

A little known fact about Daniel is that he loved to imitate Michael Jackson as a child.

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