Fierce Fusion Dance Fitness

FunkiPop Dance Fit

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Fusion Dance Fitness | Latin Movements | Pop Music

FunkiPop classes are about empowerment and building confidence while getting a workout in. We support all levels and all body types. Every class is a celebration of each other and ourselves. We are all different for a reason, so let’s embrace and express ourselves together on the dance floor!

Come join a workout that is fun, dynamic, and energizing while dancing to a hype playlist! FunkiPop Dance Fit is a dynamic dance fitness format that burns calories, while building endurance, strength, and confidence. FunkiPop incorporates hip hop, pop, dancehall, Latin, and kickboxing. Our dance fitness class is for all levels.

You could be a beginner or a pro and still be challenged—this is what I love about Funkipop! We inspire and support one another, and have a blast sweating together to one of a kind choreography.