Pump Technique

Get more out of your BODYPUMP™ classes.

Whether you are brand new to pump or been at it for a long time, all levels are welcome to benefit from this important overview.
Get acquainted with how/when to use the weights and how to practice healthy alignment to get the most out of your workout.

Pump Technique 35 minute class is free to the public. Standard pricing applies to BodyPump™


  • NEW YEAR’S DAY | Tuesday, January 1 | Sue Gallas
    Pump Technique 10:00-10:35am | free
    BodyPump™ 10:45am| standard pricing
  • Tuesday, January 8 | Susan Cotter
    Pump Technique 8:45-9:20am | free
    BodyPump™ 9:30am| standard pricing
  • Saturday, January 12 | Susan Cotter
    Pump Technique 7:15-7:50am | free
    Bodypump™  8:00am| standard pricing
  • Thursday, January 17 | Susan Cotter
    Pump Technique 8:45-9:20am | free
    BodyPump™ 9:30 am| standard pricing
  • Sunday, January 20 | Angie Orhtel
    Pump Technique 3:45-4:20 pm | free
    BodyPump™ 4:30 pm | standard pricing


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