Let Your Freak Flags Fly

Raunchy Rides

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It’s Raunchy | Freak Flag | Explicit Lyrics

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Who’s that thinking nasty thoughts?

Join Heather in her Cycle class on the last Monday of each month for a naughty twist on your regular 6:45pm Ride. This once a month Raunchy Ride (with an always changing playlist of course) is for lovers of all things raunchy, risque, sexy and just downright dirty. If a little a** don’t make you blush, this Ride is for you.

Feel free to let your freak flag fly and come dressed sexy if you’d like!

Last Mondays of every month
6:45 PM Cycle Class
Power Studio

*NOTE:This Ride will feature explicit lyrics and content both musical and possibly visual that may be offensive to some audiences, so plan accordingly please.