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Studio Coordinators



Community Fitness is looking for Part-Time Studio Coordinators to join the team. This is a fast-paced, task-oriented position made up of customer service, equipment set-up, and administrative responsibilities.  A variety of daytime and evening shifts are available.

Includes paid Sick Leave, paid Vacation, paid Holiday Bonus
Includes Free Fitness Studio Membership ($89/mo value) and Family Discount

Please send your resume to and specify the time of day and days of the week when you are available. We look forward to hearing from you!

Community Fitness is also looking for Part-Time Floating Studio Coordinators to join the team.  Floating staff do not have permanently assigned shifts,  but flex to cover vacations, sick days, special events, or open positions.  Floating staff may sign up to work as many shifts as they would like, but must work a minimum of 4 shifts per month to maintain active status.

Includes paid Sick Leave
Includes Free Fitness Studio Membership ($89/mo value) and Family Discount

Please send your resume to and specify that you are interested in the Floating Studio Coordinator position. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the Positions
Our Studio Coordinators have three primary areas of responsibilities: positive engagement with our participants at the front desk; detailed point-of-sale processing and account problem solving; and fastidious facilities maintenance. In addition to front desk duties, our Studio Coordinators also take on administrative roles and responsibilities including, but not limited to facilities coordination, membership and account management, retail coordination, marketing and communications.

About Us
We are small health club with a focus on group fitness and a long-term vision to strengthen and enrich the community around us. We believe that health has multiple dimensions, not just physical, and we try to uphold this outlook in how we do things. We offer a hands-on, exciting environment that is less gym and more start-up. Our everyday work environment is casual and playful–expect a collaborative atmosphere and a team that’s willing to help you.

About You
You are a multi-faceted creative person with strong communication skills. You understand holistic approaches to health and can represent this to our community, both in speech and action. You are an ace at smoothly and efficiently handling the daily operations of the business while also keeping your eye on the bigger picture. You are empathetic by nature, and connect with many different types of people in a caring, authentic manner. You are selfless and team-oriented but are honest about embracing your strengths and weaknesses. You are spirited and thrive in an environment that embraces a collaborative approach to running a business.

Pay and Benefits
Our hope is find an energetic team member with a flexible schedule who is ready to commit to a long-term position with us. This position would start as soon as possible, including two weeks of on-the-job training.  Benefits include a flexible and fun work environment, free gym membership, and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Trust us when we say it’s a blast to be surrounded by so many health and wellness professionals.

Studio Coordinator Responsibilities
– Act as the face of our business and champion the classes and services we offer
– Exercise great communication skills in person and by phone and email
– Resolve client concerns or conflicts in a manner that strengthens the relationship between our business and our clients
– Continually listen and converse with clients; recommend changes based on what you hear; communicate all feedback to the team in an efficient way
– Manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and budgets, while maintaining a positive attitude
– Handle processing and POS transactions with discretion and an eagle-eye for detail
– Be confident speaking and demonstrating to individuals and groups of people; assist clients in class set-up and make them feel at ease
– Help instructors set up classes, exercise equipment and AV systems

Desired Qualifications & Experience
– Experience in fitness, health, hospitality, retail and/or customer service industry
– Dynamic leadership experience with a team of peers
– Clear and concise written and verbal communication
– Strong technical skills and creative problem solving
– Ability to track multiple activities and competing priorities at once while maintaining a positive attitude.
– A sense of humor and a general willingness to try new things.
– Inclined toward regular physical activity and exercise; knowledge of group fitness and body awareness is highly desirable; able to lift 40 lbs.
– Ability to brainstorm and ideate projects and programs for our business
– Confident with the Microsoft Office suite, database software and Google applications