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Total Body Tabata™ Reps

TBT, Total Body Tabata™ REPS is a 55 minute high-powered workout influenced by the best methods of athletic training delivering an unbelievable results focused workout. REPS is a fusion of Tabata and focused weight training using barbells, weight plates, and dumbbells.

This workout is perfect for all levels of fitness as you control the intensity of your workout and there is no choreography to remember!

Each individual will have there own station set up with equipment needed for both blocks of strength and cardio. You will push through time with the popular Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of peak effort and 10 seconds rest (repeated 8x for a total of 4 minutes) then on to performing a 5 minute block of continuous weight training.

This amazing non-stop metabolic conditioning workout will increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, decrease body fat, chisel your muscles, increase metabolic rate AND get YOU into the best shape of your life! The time is now, are you ready for it?