Barre Instructor

Tara Mixon

Tara Mixon teaches Barre classes at Community Fitness

Tara Mixon


“Love what you do, and love yourself for doing it.”

We live in a world that celebrates the mind, and scrutinizes the body. Yet, our bodies are the most magnificent creations, and afford us the ability to move and experience the world around us. Our bodies are meant to be celebrated, and Tara wants you to find a way to celebrate the body you are in… right now!

A combination of hyper-mobility, and imbalanced strength lead to a constant cascade of injuries.  On a suggestion from her Physical Therapist she started attending barre classes, and instantly notice a shift. Certified through Barre Above in 2017, as well at 200 hours YTT in 2010. Tara has dabbled with many different disciples of bike racing, and loves any opportunity to spend time outdoors.