Strong For Summer

The best time for starting your fitness training is always right now! And with summer just a few weeks away, we think it’s a great time to build a #StrongForSummer mindset. Susan Slater, Medora Cesarano and Jennifer Cepeda are three of our super experienced and sought after fitness instructors. We caught up with them as they talked about the bennies of focusing on strength for summer vs a #hotgirlsummer.

Summer is probably the season with the most physical activities available and enjoyed by the masses. We’ll all be  making a shift from typical day-to-day routines, to more physical outdoor activities. Swimming, hiking, gardening, water sports, & even traveling, enter the scene, and you need a fit body to participate and prevent injuries!

Building or maintaining strength, endurance & flexibility to get through a lot of the demands summer asks of you! You’re going to be hoisting yourself out of water, hiking, canoeing, waterskiing, paddle boarding, & playing summer sports. In addition you might find yourself doing some extra heavy lifting around the garden throughout the summer. Having a strong body will enable you to join in, and help mitigate any potential injuries!

We sat down with 3 of our Uber talented instructors, Susan Slater, Medora Cesarano, and Jennifer Cepeda for a little #StrongForSummer chat!

Some Helpful Guidelines to building strength, endurance & flexibility for Summer & Beyond

Make sure you’re setting up at least 2-3 strength training sessions a week to maintain or build muscles. They can be as short as 20 minute sessions, or even make a goal of 25 push-ups in a day, spread out in 5 push-up intervals throughout the day!

Supplement with Cardio to build endurance 3-7 times a week. Whatever makes you feel great here. A slow & steady walk, a quick jog, long-distance run, your favorite dance class, or a hiit class. 

Your flexibility can be worked on daily, but at minimum, strive for 2-3 times a week. If you’re already working out, you might as well add 5 minutes of stretching post workout, when your muscles are warm. Take a few minutes of light movement to get your body moving & warmed up before diving into those stretches! Studies have shown you may do more harm than good if you use static stretching before your muscles are warmed up. Take five minutes at the beginning of your workout to warm your bodies up before diving into a static stretch.

Having a flexible body has many benefits! One of our favorites is helping protect against injury. Especially if you’re out there being active all summer. You can push a little harder when you’re fit & flexible, and avoid pulling muscles, which can sideline you from your favorite activities.

New to stretching or flexibility work? Try joining an in-studio yoga class for guidance, or a virtual class from home.

Need some alone time? Create a zen-out ritual at home with a dedicated space just for meditation & yoga or stretching then journaling your progress! 

#StrongForSummer is just the start friends! Remember that you can start by adding small fitness sessions in week by week, day by day. Let go of any “All or Nothing” mentality. If a week goes by and you haven’t created a habit, then start again, until you make it to your next step, of more than once a week for fitness! 

It’s best to have all three fitness disciplines covered, but if you only love one, and you’re doing absolutely nothing, then one of the disciplines is 100% better than nothing!

We can get you started with in-studio or virtual classes! We happen to have one of the best boutique group fitness studios in our region, 35 weekly livestreams and 4,000+ On Demand videos. 

Join in on the fun with a community of movers who will help motivate you IRL or take from the privacy and convenience of your home!

We’re rooting for you!!!!!