Tips To Maximize Your At Home Fitness

There are so many benefits to working out at home. It’s convenient and cost-effective and gives you the flexibility to work out on your own terms. In addition, home workouts can help you meet new goals and improve your overall health regardless of your fitness levels, history with exercise, or even your at-home equipment. 

Plus, at-home fitness plans are entirely customizable, which means that you can create a plan that works on your schedule and can be tailored to meet you at your level. So when you’re ready to improve your strength and boost your self-esteem, read through some of our tips to make the most of your at-home fitness routine.

At-Home Fitness Equipment 

Let’s start with at-home fitness equipment. Although you can go out and spend tons of money building a fancy at-home gym at Community Fitness, we don’t think you need to go all out immediately. The only equipment you absolutely need is yourself!

Investing in just a few simple things can help you feel excited and ready and help you create the right mindset for your next workout. A few things you can get to get started are a yoga mat and maybe a few resistance bands to add some versatility to your workouts. 

In the end, when you’re thinking of purchasing any type of at-home fitness equipment, ask yourself a few questions. First, is it in your budget? Do you like using that piece of equipment? Will it keep you motivated? Do you have the space for it? 

If all those answers are yes, you should buy it! However, if the answer is no, but you still are motivated to work out to the best of your ability, there are a few swaps you can do to make the most of your next session.

  • Swap an expensive cardio machine for a jump rope.
  • Don’t have weights? Use cans of food, books, or a backpack loaded up with pet food. 
  • Don’t have a yoga block? Try a shoe box! 
  • Swap out a box or step for your stairs or a sturdy stool. 
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Enjoy The Flexibility

Are you one of those people who is great at making a plan but not great at the follow-through? We get it! We see so many people trying to commit themselves to five early morning workouts before work, knowing full well that they aren’t morning people or that life will get in the way. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead, lean into the fact that the joy of working out at home comes from the flexibility! 

If you hate working out in the morning, don’t do it! Did you want to work out while the kids were napping but cleaned up their mess instead? Don’t stress about it; you can try again in the evening. Save yourself the guilt and work out when it’s convenient. 

Eliminate Distractions

One important tip we have when it comes to at-home fitness is to try as hard as you can to eliminate distractions. We know that exercising at home can be really distracting. There’s family, pets, the tv, your phone, etc., — all things that could lead to skipping a workout or wanting to cut it short. 

Remember that the next hour, half-hour, or even fifteen minutes, is all about creating a healthier you! One hour focused on bettering yourself is worth it, and we bet you won’t regret taking this time for yourself.

Tune Into Guided Videos On Demand

In this digital age, finding a guided workout has never been easier. At Community Fitness, we think a group workout can be hugely beneficial, whether in person or at home. That’s why we’ve developed a collection of thousands of on demand workouts with an experienced instructor to help guide your activity in a format you’ll love. 

Online classes are great because you can pause them at any time, they come in various fitness levels, and you’ll never get bored with a workout! In addition, you have the possibility to switch styles or instructors at your leisure. 

Our online classes are a great way to get acquainted with new exercise styles and improve your form at a pace that works for you! So browse through our on demand classes today, and we bet you’ll find one you’ll love.

Be Realistic and Try To Have Fun!

When it comes to fitness of any kind, the best thing you can do is be patient! Though you might start to feel stronger after just a few sessions, you likely won’t see results right away. However, if you’re looking to see a real difference, all it takes is a little dedication! 

Working out at home means you don’t have to deal with gym closures, canceled classes, or even inclement weather! The downside is that there is also a little less accountability. Luckily, you have the freedom to allow for some flexibility in your workouts when unforeseen conflicts arise. The reality is that you might need a little more perseverance to meet your goals if you don’t have that gym instructor or workout buddy to keep you accountable. 

These are the key takeaways to help you stay driven: 

  • Only do exercises that you enjoy and can feel excited about! You’re more likely to stick with workouts if you have fun doing them.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum! It’s important to stay mentally engaged when you’re working out so that you can engage with your body and get the most out of your exercise.
  • Make sure you’re not overdoing it! Keep your intensity at a reasonable level that feels doable. It’s ok to push yourself, but you don’t want to injure yourself or burn out too quickly.
  • Try to block out time specifically for your workout so that it doesn’t keep getting pushed off, but make sure you cut yourself some slack too! We all get busy, so make sure you’re prioritizing your health and wellness, whatever that means for you. 
  • Remember, something is better than nothing! So if you can’t commit to an entire 50-minute class, break it up into smaller, more manageable workouts.