High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the future of exercise. Become stronger and faster by working out less. Everyone wants to exercise, but not everyone has the time. HIIT training goes hard for short periods, with intervals of rest.

Our HIIT class at Community Fitness features varying intervals of intense cardio and/or strength exercises paired with active recovery. In this HIIT workout; increase your heart rate while improving your strength, boost your power and endurance, and work your entire body with challenging moves.

The trainers in our gym are knowledgeable and motivating. Workout safely while pushing your body to its limit–giving you optimal strength and power.

This format includes fun, simple, high energy routines with a focus on hip-hop stylings and pop music. Dance Jam is for all levels and people come back every week for this lively cardio dance class. Led by Mackenzie Kelly, who has a background in performing hip-hop routines and loves to choreograph.

Try a Dance Jam class and before you know it you’ll be hooked on this fun dance workout.

Equipment Needed:
In-Studio: Athletic wear  you like to move and sweat in | Water Bottle
At Home: Clear space to move 

Experience Level:
All Levels Welcome


HIdden for now

I began my membership with Community Fitness about 3 years ago, prior to the pandemic, because I found out my favorite dance instructor was there, Medora Cesarano. Honestly, the joy and ‘frolic’ that exists in just that one hour is THE MOST addictive and magical experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling into. 

Julie Wade | Dance Fitness Testimonial
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