Stretch & Sculpt Your Body


Classical Mat Pilates with a twist

This Pilates mat class will begin with challenging standing and floor based core strengthening exercises, before diving into a classical mat Pilates sequence.

Expect to sweat and work hard without over straining any one body part. This class will heighten your bodily awareness as you undo old movement patterns and incorporate a “2 way stretch” in all that you do. You will learn how to strengthen without shortening your muscles, and how to integrate your body as a whole.

The general format:
– Standing warm up (10-15 min)
*May contain but not limited to squats, lunges and small arm weights to warm up the hand/shoulder/back connection (to stay out of the neck)
– Floor based work (10-15 min)
*Quadruped plank and side plank variations
– Classical mat Pilates routine (20-30 min)