Plank Pose Variations

Last month we reviewed working in a basic plank pose with Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Brooke Oberg.

We’ve got that video posted here if you’d like a refresher!  If you only have a few minutes in your day to get some strength building in, try plank! If it’s too difficult to start on your toes and hands, try dropping to your knees for your first few times and gradually build up to working in the full-pose.

Some of the common discomforts found in working in plank pose are too much pressure on the wrists/hands or in the shoulder and neck. Here are a few variations to help ease that discomfort.

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Now that you’ve had a review, put it to practice! Bring your questions to class and get the corrections and tips you need to make the most out of the work you’re putting in!
Let us know what you think, and what new questions we can answer for you!