Vinyasa Yoga classes at Community Fitness

Alison Solam

Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Chair Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga

If you learn to respond as if it were the first day in your life and the very last day then you will have spent this day well.
-Brother David Steindl Rast

Alison taught her first class in 2001 and has continued learning and teaching ever since.   She is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour RYT.  Alison has a strong interest in a yoga practice that is sustainable, possibly lifelong.  She loves the big picture of yoga (aka how we can end suffering) as well as the details: can we observe, at any point in time, where is the body in space, what is stretching, what is strengthening, and what technique do we use to get into that pretzel shape? She sees all that she offers students as an invitation to explore.  In her classes Alison often includes a little yoga philosophy, a lot of sweat, eclectic yet awesome music, poems by favorite authors, and encouragement to laugh.

Alison will be forever grateful to her first teachers Aadil Palkhivala and Kim King-Zamoff, as well as her teacher since 2013, Theresa Elliot.

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